Helping families raise children between two homes

Comments from Participants
"This class is a jump start to a healthy divorce." 9/21/00, S. Stove

Thank you. I wish we had taken this class earlier. I will be a better parent and co-parent from attending this class. It brought to my attention that I have made many selfish mistakes and need to change. It also allowed me to identify that some things I said and thought I was doing for the kids, I was really doing for myself and they would actually hurt the kids.

This class is amazing!! It made me feel more optimistic about coparenting.
I enjoyed learning about the different alternatives that can be used to try and modify and change the situation. The presenters did a great job and appeared very knowledgeable about the topics presented. I plan to utilize the information and hope to change things.

I thought the class was very informative & I really like the info about the alternative methods to joint parenting.

This class helped deal with and settle issues with co-parent. The attorney and Judges should make this a requirement before litigation.

I loved the course & the interaction. You guys are too funny & I got some great laughs today. I learned so much more than I already knew.

I was considering court but now I would like to find an alternative. The course was informative & somewhat entertaining & humorous.

Should be required for all parents.

I wish I had been told about this class sooner, I wonder why attorneys don't tell us about this class until after we paid them and until after the judge orders it (sarchastic roll of the eyes). I know you said many atorneys do, but ours certainly didn't. I've learned so much and after we both took Part 2 last week we decided to meet up to create a parenting plan. Thank you!

I have seen several co-parenting plan outlines and tried to figure out how and why they could work before I came to this class but I didn’t really understand. Pare helped me understand this tremendously more. I have confidence I could go home and do this now. Also, I LOVED the Arlington/Grand Prairie analogy and she did an excellent job presenting this in a way I could understand.

Excellent class & very well presented. Particularly liked the concept that kids should be able to let their guard down @ home & not be on edge. Also, really liked the emphasis on reflective listening & need to build a solid foundation via consistency & continuity. Also gave solid, concrete tools (co-parenting plan & list of examples of Do/Don’t do) to execute better co-parenting.

Instructor was very knowledgeable of material and of different situations that may come up. I really appreciate the time and passion.

You make a very difficult issue more comfortable. Very inspirational. A lot of material hit home. Very factual based material. Excellent class-learned a lot about myself.

Very informative course. I would recommend this course to anyone who is raising a child in separate homes. Instructor was personable and communicated with ease. Awesome Job!

Excellent course! Had no idea that I would gain as much knowledge on such a wide array of subjects.

The presenter is very knowledgeable and speaks clearly. She helped me undertand things I didn't know.

I was ordered to take another class in Dallas for our divorce which I thought was boring and it certainly did not help us settle. So I was really upset at our modification hearing that the new judge ordered us to this class. But after taking both parts of this class, I'm so glad she did. I got way more out of these two classes than the one I took in 2011 and I really see how we could have handled things differently and the mistakes I have made. I filed the modification, but now I want to see if we can work this out between us.

Very good instructor. I feel like I left today with a different mindset about my current situation. I believe anyone going through divorce/custody issues should take this class. It is a huge help! K.S.

I am very glad to have taken this class. So much new and different ways to better myself as a dad. Brad is an amazing teacher and the material was delivered in a very entertaining and appealing format. Thank you!! B.C.

Awesome Class! Thank you so much! I really needed this. With a 1 yr old it's amazing to learn all of this before she is older. So this class will definitely make the future easier. THANKS!!

This segment of the class was the most informative and helpful in dealing with my situation. The best interest of my child will be my top priority. Thank you for the great presentation.

I am ashamed with myself. I was always so focused with the other parties negative actions, I was doing so many negative things myself. I will focus more on being a person my child loves to be around because I am positive. A.N.

It's funny for me to hear all the "dont's" and realize my parents did all those things. After hearing those decisions were wrong it opens my eyes that I was not wrong to feel the way I did as a child. It is like a relief to know that I know better and I will not make the same mistakes.

It reset me.

Great information, things I"ll remember that will help me to have a better co-parenting relationship.

Class was great! C.H.

Great class-time flew by- Really opened my eyes, mind, heart to the real feelings about children in the middle. C.K.

Again, I’m glad I attended these classes. They have definitely opened my mind more about my situation. I thank you, I think your doing a wonderful job. And I’m certain now the choice I’ve always thought was the right one, is definitely the right one. C. T.

I wish I had known not only about this class sooner, but also all the options that are available instead of constantly fighting in court and dealing with that stress. The class was very informative and was presented in an easily understood manner. The video clips from the judges and children shed some light on my personal issues.

I look forward to part II- I saw myself in some of the information/descriptions and my spouse in others. I hope he will be receptive of the information as it is presented.

Thank you! It was much more emotionally difficult than expected-but that’s good!

This segment of the class was the most informative and helpful in dealing with my situation. The best interest of my child will be my top priority. Thank you for the great presentation.

I’ve learned a lot today. I hope my other party comes here too, so we can be on the same level to raise our daughter the best that we can. A.N.

I didn't want to come to this class, and I just want to say I’m glad I was ordered to take this class. It has brought light to a lot of things I’ve been pondering. It has really made me think about all of the aspects of my situation, and I’m seeing a lot of things a new, better way. I’m glad I spent 3 1/2 hours listening to you. C.T.

Glad this class is offered in Collin County. It was very informative and entertaining. Thank you! C.H.

I enjoyed the class very much and it gave me a lot of insight on what to expect.

I think this class is wonderful. It can help you a lot in many different situations. The instructor was very helpful. Thanks Children in the Middle.

I think this class can help anyone in these situations. I'm very happy that it came because it gave some pointers in my situation. Thanks guys!

The class has really opened my mind and eyes to get a better relationship with my children.

Excellent. Enjoyed the presentation. Useful +++

Perfect real home-hitting references, discussions, and solutions encompassing and recognizing personal situations and realities. It is time to "grow up," be respectful of one another, and stop the blame game for the children. K. B.

I really dug the class. It helped me see other people's positions and how they're "supposed" to act towards and with the child.

It is a good program. It should be included in high school curriculum.

It think every family with children should be required to take these classes before filing for divorce. S. B.

I feel a lot of this information I know, but it helped open my mind to more information and other ways of thinking of what I know. K. B.

I wish I had known about this course when I was first separated. There was a lot of great information. Thank You! L. T.

Why isn't it required that coparent classes be taken when a divorce is filed? Do this before you get too deep into the litigation path.

We are the grandparents of a 5 1/2 year old...many of your examples have really hit home in our situation.

Great info!! I wish that there was another couple of hours for discussion/group therapy. J. P.

Keep up the good work! You were informative and kept our attention. I know that you have made a difference in other's lives.

Brad presented material very thorough. He answered question I had as far as mediation. The information was great. I am going to attempt mediation. I want to coparent for our daughter's best interest.

The humor really helped solidify the information. Also, the two team approach made the time go by a little easier.

Very good course, needs more time.

Wealth of information learned and prior mistakes will be past history as far as what not to say to my child. Eye opening how little seemingly harmless questions or behavior are undermining to a child. Again, thank you for your passionate presentation.

Great Job! Fantastic course, I agree totally.

I really didn't want to attend a 6 hour class, but the time really flew by

I really wasn't looking forward to coming to this class. But as I sat through it I realized that it was very helpful and I think all divorced parents should have to take this class.

I am glad both parents have to attend this class, because sometimes we don't always realize what we are doing. I know that I am guilty of some things in the past that I didn't think was hurtful at the time, and so has my spouse. Negative comments, etc.

Thank you, kept me awake! Bravo, Great class-very surprised. Thanks again. K. S.

Great class and info. Excellent presentation. C. S.

Again, my ex has said he will not take this course, even though he was court ordered. I think it only helps if both attend! Good course, very informative. I came in with a very negative attitude about this course, but found it very, very helpful! J. H.

My choice of words or the manner in which I make statements could be better worded in some cases. R. S.

Yes, this class has really helped and opened my eyes and mind.

Very well presented. Hats of to you Brad.

I enjoyed the class and it actually made me feel a little better about my and our child's situation.

Very well done- Topics great!

This class helped me learn a lot about helping my child feel that they have two homes and that we need to meet the child's needs first. Thanks! You are a great speaker.

I really enjoyed your classes. I have learned a lot! You are a great instructor.

Excellent presentation skills. Not bored even a second. I hope the other parties take this course.

Very informative.

Liked the knight in shining armor and the stages of grief presentation.

Brad, you are energetic. Good imitation of examples. Passionate about your subject. Came here thinking it was going to be a drag. Quite the opposite, very refreshing. STAY PASSIONATE. Thank you. J. R.

I've been separated since 1996, we have 3 kids together. Now that we are getting a divorce, this course provides options that I can use to work with the kids mom for our kids benefit.

Good use of media (TV) with live presentation.

I enjoyed part I much more than part II. The mechanics of the rescuer-victim environment that we need to grow out of these dysfunctions was most relevant. To me it leads to the ability to forgive and allow the children's interest to be the prime objective of the parent' discussions. Some of the information needs to be available to people on the front end of entering in to a relationship. The problem is most of us are only exposed to these concepts and principles when we are in the middle of conflict. This is truly a shame. C. B.

Great class. I think every parent should take this class even if they are not going through a divorce because the situations usually happens even in the family that is not divorced.

I enjoyed these two classes. You gave me some excellent advice and information and knowledge. Thanks. You did an excellent job presenting these classes. What a fast speaker! The money I spent for these two classes was worth every cent for the vast amount of information. Thanks again!

Information given out fast and it is good-positive information. J.W.

Very good presentation and realistic examples.

This course has been very beneficial.

Made me think about psychological effects upon child and potential long range effects certain actions may have into the child's adult life.

Very informative and will aid me in becoming a better parent/coparent.

Target specific. Want more info. on pushing buttons.

I learned a lot and I am looking forward to class 2. A.

Excellent class, too short, and should pass out video's viewed during the course, even if it raises the price of the course. 8/14/03

Enjoyed the class.

Brad seems to be very knowledgeable about this and I learned quite a lot at this first session. T. G.

I wish I would have known about this class sooner. I will suggest this class to others.

Interesting workshop...very animated presenter.

I enjoyed the stories and was able to relate them to my situation.

My wife needs to come. It was very clear and helpful to me all the things you showed me.

Exceptionally informative.

This class was a big help! I learned a lot. Thanks.

Very informative. It has changed my perspective on standard visitation.

Very informative, made me think about my situation completely different. Thank you!

Class was very informative and helpful. Good resources and ideas for direction to go next.

A lot of information was given - some things were explained that I now understand better - it all goes back to the child - the child must be first - it is all about what is best for the child. R. W.

This class should be required for parents to take this a lot sooner, perhaps when one or the other files for divorce, to prevent some of these issues from happening. This has helped a lot. Thank you. S

I took part II first - I have already recommended the class to my parents. Thank you for good information that I know has changed the way I operate. I believe if my former spouse will use the lessons, we are on the road to recovery.

This class has informed me greatly. I am the stepparent and would be willing to help both parents try to agree on things outside of the course if all parties would utilize this information given from the course. The father and mother definitely need to find a place where they can meet in the middle. I believe they could do it if they both put their differences aside.

I agree that it would benefit for both parents to attend the class together. You should include this on the recommendation.

I wish this type of class had been available when my parents divorced! I truly hope the folks attending this class will pay attention and make changes.

I enjoyed this 2nd part of the class. The instructor presented his information really good. I tried to put myself back to being a child and now I will remember how I felt when I am around my children, when things happen. Thank you so much for having this class.

I really enjoyed this class. It was very helpful for being a stepmother of three children. I feel I can take a lot of the information that I learned and help better the relationship between the kids and their parents. I truly hope their mother will come and take the knowledge I have received and apply it. This class, I believe, will help make me a better stepmother.

Thank you! This class has taught me a lot of life long lessons-not just pertaining to parenting.

Instructor was wonderful and brought a lot of things to my attention. I now know in order to do what is best for my kids, I need to get past my anger and work for the kids. I can and will be the person to step forward to get the ball rolling. Thank you! L. R.

This class helped me out on how I can help my children through our separation. I think every parent should take this class.

Great information! I wish I'd heard about this class when we began having trouble. I'm going to suggest my children's mother take the class as well. We should be able to work together and I believe that this class can help us do it. Personally, I know the information will make me a better dad for our kids. J. S.

I am glad I attended this coparenting class. It showed me how to talk to the grandparents. It also helped me to deal with our situation in a better way. The program helped me. I hope the grandparents go to the same class, because it helped me a lot. J. W.

Attorneys should recommend this before initial appointment. Should happen before temporary hearing.

Great class, but with all the information it needs to be longer.

Examples were great. I don't have my own children so some of the examples made me see what I need to work on. I was trying to put a time limit on him fixing the 5 year old from trying to sleep with him. I learned it needs to be fixed at the other house. She is used to sleeping with her stepsister so of course she would not want to be by herself at his house. It's the little things you don't think of.

...I did appreciate the way Brad led the class and encouraged our participation. Too bad we did not know about CITM a year ago; it could have saved us all a lot- for what you do, thank you!

I had coparenting w/ Barry Coakley and benefited greatly. This course (the Children in the Middle course) was fantastic for just 2 days. My evaluation is also based on having the training before. Thank you so much.

Appreciated referral to other resources. Really like "time of responsibility" instead of "period of possession."

This class is full of so many options for resolving conflict. It's too bad that this class is not mandatory to take before being able to file for divorce or before a court date will be set.

Excellent presentation. Brought up issues that I was not aware could be a potential problem. I might be beneficial to have an extra 30 minutes to the presentation just to ask questions.

You are a very good speaker and keep it very interesting!

You did a great job and I like your past experiences. Thanks!

I feel this coparenting course is very helpful and should be recommended more to parents.

This class is wonderful. I have learned so much about how my children see things. I t will enable me to change my ways.

A very well taught class. Helped me understand more about this stuff.

I look at a lot of things different now. I sure hope my wife gets the same presenter that I did. Thanks. J.G.

I enjoyed this class and look forward too part 1.

Mr. Craig has a wonderful teaching style. Meets needs of all types of learners. Class was very "eye opening." T. B.

Very informative. I wish I had known about this class earlier in the game.

Didn't want to come, glad I did. J. G.

Makes me feel better about the future of my ex-wife and children.

Opened my eyes. I thought I was being fairly reasonable and consistent in my requests and expectations concerning our daughter. I now realize that there our many other avenues that I need to explore. Great class! R. H.

Very informative to know or realize that the spouses (parents) can control the situation and not give the courts or attorneys ultimate responsibility that affect our children.

I really learned a lot of things I did not know about going through a divorce. After tonight I will and going to change the way I look at things and our child.

Helps me realize a lot of my anger towards my parents and things to do to change so my children don't feel anger about me. A. S.

Enjoyed the presenter- wish there was more time to discuss examples.

Talk a little faster :) Actually, your presentation was perfect, the speed kept it from being boring. I hope our children's mother attends. R. W.

Thank you to get me some idea to deal with the other parent. S. C.

I want to thank instructors about information I got. S. C.

Was very pleased with the course and thought the information was very helpful.

Really helped me to understand a lot more of what a child really goes through or even how they truly feel.

Outstanding presentation, wish I'd been instructed to attend earlier instead of waiting. It could have saved a lot of heart ache...and money.

Mr. Craig instructed the class very well. I learned stuff I didn't know and will benefit from this class.

I've learned that me and the other parent have to look at our children's needs. We have to communicate because we don't and I didn't realize how important it was.

Thank you for giving me insight on what "everyone" who is going through a divorce might be thinking.

Very good speaker! Good knowledge. B. Z.

Enjoyed the class thoroughly.

I think this was great. I learned a lot. I hope and wish my wife learns something from this course also.

Full of useful information. I see more clearly where mistakes are made.

This class was AMAZING!!! I will take it every 3 months to refresh the topics to stay on top of the lesson as long as Mr. Craig teaches it... J. A.

I like your personal style of presentation. Your stories and comparisons were very helpful. Thanks!

Helped me see what others was doing wrong and reinforced me.

Good job. The class moved along quickly.

I never have intentionally involved the children in what's going on nor talked about it in from of them. But I have intentionally done things that could be considered alienation of another parent and this will stop. My needs don't supercede the children's and I have put my needs first and convinced myself it was for the kids. This will change. Thank you.

I took class II first but feel this would have been better to attend first and early in my divorce process.

Enjoyed the lecture. Material was helpful.

I enjoyed the class and do recommend this program to families.

Good information. I will do everything I can to stop litigation and resolve the coparenting issues with my wife.

Great class. I appreciate the honest responses.

The class peaked my interest in learning more about how the divorce process affects children.

Thanks for letting me see my child's point of view.

Outstanding presentation; very straight forward.

This class is helpful. I have been at it twice now and have learned something each time. Some of the information is common sense, but I realize it is not always followed.

Very positive-new and improved ideas on dealing and handling the situation-I'll recommend this highly!!

Great class- I wish I took the class before divorce. I think this class not only for divorcing families but for all family members so that parents have better view on parenting.

Good class. Helped me see I am trying to do what is the right thing for my husband and our child. Thank you.

"Thanks", you opened my eyes to some of the situations I have been in and how I have been reacting. I'll try to do better.

Video's were very good. Professionally done. Good information. You held interest during the whole period- good presentation skills.

Really like watching the kids responses to different divorce situations.

The class has helped me realize things I've done wrong and things I've done right with respect to the children.

It was positive how you represented all sides and didn't spend to much time on one opinion. Some info. was a real reality check. Most of it hit close to home and is closely related to modern topics.

This is a great class!

Thanks for the assurance and valuable information. You are hilarious :)

Needs softer chairs, everything else was great!!! Thank you. J. C.

Exceptional class. Wonderful. Great. I needed class years ago. Thank you!

Thanks for stressing mediation.

I enjoyed your humor because this time is tough enough. Humor helps. Thanks.

Grandparent-The humor made things more relaxed.

Connected the behavioral dots of personal behavior and how it can affect the children involved. Great presentation.

You are very knowledgeable about your topic and your passion for families shines through. I found the class informative and the fast pace kept my attention.

First time speakers have made so much sense and so clear.

I feel I have gained a lot of insight by taking this class. I will now know what direction to take. Thanks!

I felt like most or all of your examples was my wife's mind set, I realize I need to change my reactions to her actions. Thanks.

Good job! You both do an awesome job at presenting this information. Needs to be given before marriage.

Class was common sense, but is something that needs to be reminded to parents again. It was also helpful from the view of a stepparent in a coparenting situation. J. W.

I wish this course would be mandated to all parents who are divorcing so as to change many behaviors before they become problems and cost lost of money in litigation.

I wish someone had recommended this course 2 years ago before we got this far. Very informative. Thanks!

This helped me realize no matter what the child's well being comes first and parents must communicate amicably.

Good class. Thought of things I hadn't thought of before.

Very informative. B. E.

I do look at what the best interest of the kids are and I do many things you talked about, I will do better for the kids. Thanks for 2 great classes.

What a great class! I liked all the analogies and stories. Thanks! I leave with a lot of info. to think about to strengthen my coparenting skills. :) Mr. Craig is extremely knowledgeable and utilizes the 3 hours very efficiently.

Great sense of humor.

I thank you for all the information you have given me. You know my ex husband took this class first and it looks like he became a different person because this helped him to focus only on his children. Now it helps me to agree with him on our issues. M. F.

Speaker was very good speaker. I learned a lot from the coparenting class.

Thank you. The class was really informative. D. M.

Learned a lot, and fun! Not what I expected.

Both presenters were very knowledgeable and provided many examples of what to do and not to do. They also incorporated humor and human factors in their presentation.

Good class. Needs to be a little bit longer. Good information.

I feel I have learned that I can respect my two daughters, and understand what they are going through.

Great class. Very informative.

I hope the mother of my stepson attends this class. It really is beneficial.

My husband has decided to drop custody pursuit and has been much more cooperative. We are focusing primarily on the kids now. J. R.

This class was very informative. I wish that this was brought to parents attention when they first entered into court. We settled in mediation after every avenue the court offered a year and a half later. Thanks for the information.

Should advertise this class to help coparents work things out without losing so much money. Very good class. Very informative.

Really good class. A lot of information. It would benefit both exes for them to attend the same class at the same time. A big help. Thanks.

I think it would be beneficial for both parties and all involved to attend same class, same day if at all possible. That way same info. same instructor. Great job!

Very informative, offers insights and solutions. Very Helpful.

I understand why you speak so fast. To get all the information out to us. I think the class was great... D. M.

I wish my spouse will take this class.

I really enjoyed the class, and I will take some of the suggestions and implement them in my home. The class really made me think. Thanks for a great class.

Facilitator was very knowledgeable and presented subject matter in a professional way.

I appreciate all that you have done for others and what you do now as well. Thanks for your enthusiasm and caring heart.

Was very knowledgeable with a lot of helpful information. K. G.

I found the course very informative. Will definitely suggest this course to others. I will probably seek more classes. D. C.

Thanks, this was a great deal of knowledge for me that I can use in my situations.

Very informative. I enjoyed the class. Thank you.

This class really helped me a lot. You all answered all my questions I had. I really enjoyed it. There was many things that I didn't think I needed to know, but I really did. Thank you. I now know that I 've been doing very well. Thank you.

I would like to make this class a prerequisite before taking any DMS-mediation sessions. Prerequisite before marriage licenses are issued to every and anyone. Very educational, I will suggest my friends and people in the children's life to take this class.

Brad, this was a fabulous class! I wish it had been suggested originally. We will be back. I hope we can come to a united front, M_____ deserves it. M. N. J.

This guy was fantastic! Great communicator, great orator, one word AWESOME. J.T.

The nest egg story really helped me to look at myself.

Very helpful, changed my thought patterns.

The course was very interesting. I wish my other half was here, it would help.

Liked hearing more about the role of the mediator.

Excellent!!! Walter and Brad are excellent on the child's subject. Especially with the views of other people not saying things about the other parent in front of the kids. They made this course enjoyable. J. F.

Great course- wonderful insight into feelings, situations, actions, and reactions from a child and parent's perspective. I need to put all of this great info. into action.

Looking forward to seeking mediation for help in getting our children out of the middle. T. G

I wish I could have know about this class before we have put our kids through this mess. V. R.

The course gave good information.

The class was very helpful and made me realize how important communication is between me and the father to best benefit our child.

Very thorough, good explanations on topics.

Reminded me of how my mother used me to get back at my father.

The child is 17 years, he will be 18 in 5 weeks. This course is great for people with younger children or couples that have never gone through this before. It would have helped if we had this at the time of the original in 1987. This course would have helped the situation over the years that developed. S. C.

Although our daughter is only 10 mo., I found Part II very helpful. It made me realize that some things I thought I was doing out of love weren't the best for her. It helped reinforce what I knew was right, but had ignored.

I volunteered to attend for support of my husband. However, I have two children whom I have custody Their father lives in Florida. This really helped me to understand the 5 stages of grief that can repeat during different times in their life. It also helped me to feel good about how their dad and I have been communicating even though he's a distance away. N. P.

I really liked and learned a lot from this class. E. P.

This class encouraged me to be more objective about our situation. I'll be easier to work with because of this class.

This is an exceptional program. We all are graceful - your "vision" impacts the improved quality of life for our children.

I'm very glad both of us had to attend this class. It will help me realize our goal because sometimes it gets lost in the fog. Hopefully she will recognize me a his father and want to work with me. I am happy to get the information about alternate forms of resolution. Le. R.

As a grandparent who is dealing with a daughter with a drug problem-the victim part opened my eyes. I truly thought it was something I did. This class just helped me strengthen our resolve to worry about the child (our granddaughter) & let the adult (our daughter) worry about her problems.

The co dependent information was very interesting. I also liked the story about beautiful baby Bobby. This is definitely what all divorced parents and stepparents need to maintain healthy relationships. N. P.

This class was very good and helpful. D. P.

This class was unbelievable. I am speechless. I have learned so much and feel like a different person. Mr. Craig, this was just great. Thank you! M. S.

I know it is better to work together-put your pride and uncomfortable feelings behind you. The children are such a gift, don't throw it away. You only get one chance to do it right. Put the time and money back into the child's life. Learn to forgive before it's too late. M. G.

I thought that this class was very educational and even went by faster than I thought, thanks to you.

I admit I was pissed I was ordered to attend this class. But this was awesome! We are back for one of those modifications you talk about and we actually attended another course like this in Dallas when we were first divorcing. It was nothing like this and I wish we'd had this class back then. This was way better and actually motivated me to change. I just hope she comes.

Great class! I agree whole heartedly that mediation or other forms of communications are best. I can't wait till part II comes around.

After 17 years of divorce, this class was helpful to know where each of us did wrong. A course like this should have been offered earlier in my situation. It is something that is needed by parents.

Learned a lot!

He did a really great job. It was very informative and I learned about how to appropriately work with the children.

My divorce started 21 months ago, I wish I would have been advised to attend this course back when it all started.

Very informative on helping make coparenting choices. I'm glad I attended this course. Gave me a different view on some of the choices I have made.

This class really helped me notice that you and the other parent need to reconcile differences and do for the children as needed. Always look at things form a child's point of view.

I enjoyed Part I and Part II. Unfortunately the father I chose for my children turned out to be abusive and mentally ill so it will be a long time before I can coparent with the children's father. I am hopeful that when the courts say he is rehabilitated we can successfully coparent. At that time I would like to take this course again for both of us. I also took the ****** ordered by Dallas County and I prefer this course.

I appreciate your enthusiasm for the subject.

This class was very informative and the instructor presented in a way with many examples that everyone in the class was able to benefit from.


Excellent class! Learned how to cope with my situation the right way. Don't have the anger I came in with. D. L.

I found this class to be very informative and the speakers were knowledgeable of family issues. I appreciated the fact they actually work providing custody evaluations and directly with the courts.

I was very impressed with the facilitators professionalism and candor.

This type of class should be mandatory once the divorce is filed rather than waiting after it is final. Great class! A. O.

This was a very helpful & informative session. I feel this will help my ex-husband and I make two good homes for our son.

Every adult should take this class and we should also educate our counselors in the school system by having them understand some of our children who are facing divorce-separation, etc. I also think all attorney's should take this class too. If their sending their clients, (if their not, they should). R. C.

The course showed the children's views very well. Learning the correct words to say is very helpful.

I really enjoyed this class! I wish my parents would have been required to take classes like this. Life wouldn't have been so hard.

Very energetic, charismatic. Keeping positive aspects of situations instead of focusing on negative situations.

This was a very informative and helpful course and I can see the benefit it would have for people in was a pleasant experience. M. B.

The presentation was very excellent. I learned a lot form this class and intend to try and work towards a better future for the two children that I do love and care about.

I was a little discouraged about some of the information, ex: domicile restrictions. I came with and open mind and I have been enlightened about litigation. I don't agree with all of it, but I am interested in mediation. R. C.

Talking about a good reason not to move was explained very well since I had no idea why the judge ordered me not to move out of Tarrant County. Thank You. Keep up with the good presentations!

I truly enjoyed the class. They made it both informative and interesting by sharing stories.

Wish I would have taken this class before this mess got started.

Thanx for the course! I learned an extreme amount of information. I wish I had taken this class when I filed.

Good info. on parenting plans and communicating with the child and other parent. Very happy I was told and sent to this class. J.H.

Class II was just as good as class I. Great view on issues and instructor. I am a fireman for 19 yrs. and I have gone to a lot of elementary schools. There are good points to talk with parents and children. C.L.

Excellent presentation. Humor helps the healing.

I've learned a lot. I knew that some things were incorrect and didn't want to change. But now see that changing will benefit our children and now hope to be able to work things out for them and not me or him. M.

This should be a required class before parents are allowed to hire a lawyer. I learned a lot and I hope that I can make it work. I didn't know that a course like this was available.

Many of your statements are right on target with my helped me open my eyes to more options of trying to resolve my situation. Mediation information was helpful.

Very informative.

Very informative class. Changed my point of view on my modification case.

Incorporating the video into the lecture was very useful. It helped me understand some of the opinions and the views from the court.

I attend both parts of the class and found a lot of useful information.

Class was very informative

I enjoyed the stories. They really helped me see the child's point of view and new ways to solve our problems in a more communicative and mature way. Thank you!

My wife and myself have both taken part I. We now are more flexible and communicating. With our child as our top priority. I can't wait for her to take part II. It is just as powerful as part I.

Very, very good. Wish both of us would have done this before we went to court. I saw things that we both have done wrong as well as right. R. G.

Thank you, this class was quite an eye opener on many subjects that I thought I had down good.

I think this class should be required to get a marriage license or required at your first OB appointment :)

I learned a lot. Thank you!

Very informative on teaching both parents responsibility of caring for the children not just possessing. Mediate, mediate, mediate, I hope. L. G.

Very Knowledgeable. A. M.

I appreciate the information on the mediation advice. It showed me how it could resolve our issues peacefully without the courts making the decision.

Anyone with a child or children should attend. "Powerful!"

D___ you talk fast! I appreciate your feelings to put the children first, and your enthusiasm towards coparenting issues.

This class opened my eyes to mediation. I am going to call my soon to be ex-husband after the class and ask if we can go to a mediator to resolve issues and keep us out of court. I am so Thankful for this class. Brad was an awesome speaker and presenter.

Excellent class - made me realize the position I have put myself and my family in.

Thanks for your knowledge and experience. I hope it will help us both.

Both parts were excellent. Truly made me think in new ways.

It's been fun!

This class should be mandatory when divorce is filed for. It would help all parties understand the child-related issues. E. C.

I would like for my whole family to take this class so that they will understand when I make the decisions I make regarding my daughter. C. L.

Very good class. I hope this class 2 is just as good. C. L.

I believe that this class gives different scenarios of real life situations so we look at that situation from a different perspective. To be objective and lax so that we recognize that for the rest of our lives we will be involved in some way or another, so we strive to make it easier for our children. I. D.

This class really helped me and I have learned a lot about our child and her situation.

Very good presentation. Very good points and how to address problems. P. K.

I wish I had known about these classes/options sooner. I have been involved in litigation for 3 yrs. and was not aware of any of these options/services until 3 mo. ago.

The class was presented very well!

Brad - Super Job! Excellent video.

I see now form a different point of view.. to not look at it in a legal way but a parental way.

This class was very helpful. I t helped me to be able to see things more from my child's eyes.. I really needed something to help open my eyes. C. S.

Yes, frustrated initially to be ordered here. Wonderful class, I'm very happy that I was ordered to go, looking forward to part II. J. H.

I believe that the objective overall is to create and maintain a constant security - a real security that our children can feel safe at both places. F. D.

This class was very informative. This has helped me realize on my child's attitude by the way parents speak or ask questions about the other parent. 2/27/03

I like the class very much. 1st time on a place like this. I recommended to all couples that have children or about to have children.

It's a great class. I learned so much things from this class. M. C.

Great class! Lots of good information... overall I think your class is a great buy and I learned a whole lot. Thanks! W. E.

Excellent course- both parts I and II.

I know that I can be a better parent now that I gained new and exciting information. Thanks and keep up the excellent work.

This is an eye-opener and very informative for parents going through a divorce.

I've been exposed to some of this - but I can honestly say I learned a lot today - especially appreciate your focusing and giving us perspectives from the child's point of view. I learned to try to utilize this knowledge to promote a healthy lifestyle for my child.

The class is great. Keep it up. I wish this class was mandatory before marriage.

I enjoyed the video that was played. It brought a little closure to my reactions, and actions. T. S.

I feel this class has helped me a lot. Gave a lot of info. that I was just not informed on. I also realized there were things that I was or wasn't doing. Video's and seeing judges on their perspective.

Video's are excellent! :) He is a wonderful speaker. Keeps the crowd awake and involved. It was never boring... would recommend to everyone I know. G. M.

Maybe another handout you could add to your packet would be "good ideas." You mentioned at the end of the class - a great example was the phrase "your other home" or keeping clothes at both homes.

Very valuable class. Helped me to understand what did happen in court.

Good job!! Clear ideas. Discussion reminds you of the kids. Nice to see my judge in the video. JY,

This class made me realize we are making good decisions for our children. LG,

I would recommend this class to everyone going through a divorce. It really opened my eyes to the different points of view on both sides!

This is a real good class with a lot of good knowledge. I wish I had this class before I ever went to court for this divorce. Brad does a really good job and makes getting this information real interesting and presents it in a professional manner. RB,

I have been divorced six years, and wish I would have been ordered to do this right when my divorce was final.

This class made me open up to being a little more flexible with how I should go about getting along with the other parent and come up with our own agreements to certain situations.

You made me see that some things I do are really hurting my boys.

This should be ordered first thing after divorce is filed. Before anything else is done with attorney's office.

Super helpful info! Thanks! 2/04/03

I can only hope that my son's father hears you as well as I did. The only thing important is our son. I would have enjoyed portions of this class with my son's father. BS,

This is a great class. Hopefully both parents will listen and understand that kids should always be top priority. JW,

I enjoyed this class. It is very helpful. I am looking forward to the second part of this class. RH,

Every parent that is fighting with children involved should take this class.

Very Helpful! It gives me better knowledge and resources.

Although my new husband was ordered to this class, I wanted to come for support and to gather more information for myself and our child (my stepchild). I was very drawn to every word you said. This is a wonderful and very informative class. I wish I would have known about this class before we started the court process so I could have been more informed. I recommend this to everyone in our situation. MH,

I was enlightened. I hope my husband will come to this class with an open mind. Excellent information and instructor. Look forward to part 2.

The class was very informative. The examples were pertinent and helpful. I'm looking forward to the second class. I took lots of notes. AJ,

I asked for this class to be included in the court order, as an attorney I have seen how it has helped others so I knew it would help me also and it did. JB,

The course makes you remember who is important, and remember the statement "best interest of the child."

Work hard to get his class mandatory before litigation even starts.

It should be ordered for both sides, including stepparents as long as they are a part of the child's life.

I feel more positive about my relationship with my kids. I learned that I am much more of a primary care provider than I thought.

Lots of good information. The time went by too fast. It helped reinforce staying "positive" when uncontrollable situations want you to act negatively. Thanks for sharing your knowledge to allow me to become a better parent. BW,

Outstanding class. Instructor very knowledgeable on a variety of subjects. I really enjoyed the class. Keeps things interesting. Very informative.

I believe I came here with somewhat a closed mind and went away with a different point of view. I wish I would have taken this course before I got married. It was fun, fast, and very educating.

I feel like this was a helpful class for me and am definitely realizing that my family is hindering us from settling this due to chose to listen to them to often. Thank you for a great presentation that will hopefully help in our case. T. M.

We have attended voluntarily as we have settled all issues. This class still was valuable to me in regard to my attitudes. GS

Excellent class-kept me interested! Very down to earth explanations and examples. Y. T.

Thought the way all was presented was very good and detailed. I enjoyed your ideas and plan on putting these into action. Thank you!!!

Very good presentation! Hit all areas hard and to the point. Helped me realize what I'm doing now and how I can improve on my wrongful ways. I really am thankful. M. P.

I like the "victim" topic you covered. It is a big topic that some people (me included) didn't recognize. You gave the whole picture which helped me understand the situation more clearly.


Very good speaker, I learned a lot from the class. Thank you! 12/26/02

Very Helpful! 12/26/02

I really learned a lot about mistakes that I have made and I will work hard to change my behavior in the future. I also really enjoyed the humor our instructor included in the class. I hope my child's other parent gets the same information out of this class that I did. J. F. 12/21/02

Did a good job! 12/21/02

Class was great. Part I was very informative to me, gained knowledge from all of that of part I and II. K. B. 12/19/02

Divorced amicably for 6 months! Will recommend this class to ex-wife, so we can fine tune and help with consistency between households. J. H. 12/19/02

Very informative and entertaining. Learned a lot without feeling bad about the situation I'm involved in. Good job! 12/19/02

Mr. Craig- Excellent instructor, very energetic and knowledgeable. Give him a raise. 12/19/02

Wish that I had attended this class before court. You were great! I learned so much- Thank You! G. E. 12/19/02

I found this class very helpful in a lot of ways. 12/19/02

Wonderful instructor! A. A. 12/19/02

Very informative. I enjoyed the class. F. F. 12/17/02

Great class! I wish all co parents could be ordered to take these classes. You make me realize that this is all about insuring our son's healthy well being. G. E. 12/17/02

I found this class very interesting and helpful. Thank you. L. S. 12/17/02

Glad that I was able to attend with my co parent. It was important that we both heard the same information. V.B. 12/17/02

I recommend this class to any parents of "children in the middle." The class really puts a lot of insight on the parent-child relationship. R. B. 12/12/02

I learned quite a bit form this course that will help me tremendously with my son. Every parent should take the class. D. T. 12/12/02

Great course. Awesome series. M.K.12/10/02

Did a great job in this class, in explaining a lot of things. Made me see it from a different point of view. 12/10/02

I encourage the instructor to continue his instruction style. He is very passionate about what he is teaching and gives a "real" point of view to his method of teaching. Basically, "he keeps it real" and that's what people need to do more of regardless if the "truth" hurts. I observed the instructor was not swayed by the questions and he was able to stay on task with the subject matter-Thanks. M. W. 12/10/02

The instructor was very knowledgeable about the course content. I did enjoy the visual aids and mostly the real life examples the instructor used-People deal with real life situations to help them grow than just words or "information" alone. Thanks! M. W. 12/7/02

Just wanted to say thank you. The word "fighting" really hit home. I was going to ask for full custody. I realized that now this is not the best way for the children. Mediation seems to truly be the best way to go about things. I have realized I'm not the primary caretaker and have not been in the past. My only wish is to spend more time with my children and learn to be a better parent. Your opinions are very true & grateful. Thank you again! M. K. 12/7/02

FYI, I am not the one seeking litigation. This was great for all parents! 12/7/02

Great examples! Humor was great. 12/5/02

This class has changed my views on using mediation. A. B. 12/5/02

Class was reassuring, enlightening, and entertaining, and I felt I was finally encountering someone who really understood the situation. 12/5/02

Wow! I was at 1st very frustrated I had to attend a class. More or less that I had to come 2x when I had already taken a class like this 7 years ago, and got little out of it. Now, I really understand me an my soon to be X, and my daughter so much more. This class was so dynamic, so insightful, and yet humorous, that I really wish this was the class I took 7 years ago instead. I really think it helped breaking it into two parts, so I could listen to the information about my daughter after I had dealt with issues regarding her mother and me. I will strongly recommend this class to others that are dealing with this stuff. Thanks! J. H. 12/3/02

Thank you for providing this service. I feel that every parent should go through these classes. This class has made me realize that he is not the only bad person or the only person that has not had our child's best interest in mind. Again, thank you. 11/26/02

Great presentation! I agree 100%. I wish my ex would have complied with her court order and attended! M.C. 11/26/02

I recommend this class prior to any and all divorces being final. Thank you! 11/26/02

Great Class! R. M. 11/22/02

I like the lady who instructed our class. She seemed knowledgeable and shared her experiences. C.N. 11/22/02

Liked the course...mediation info. was very helpful and interesting. 11/19/02

Thanks! 11/19/02

Great class! Good job. L. H. 11/19/02

Excellent! R. B. 11/19/02

Great Instructors! 11/19/02

I appreciate this. I wish my social worker had informed me of this. When asked for help, the response was "well, we don't get into any of that." K. P. 11/16/02

I wish I would have had this class two months ago. 11/16/02

Things look quite different from the child's point of view. Adults get so wrapped up in the drama of the situations, but truly the children are often the voices that are unheard. Thanks for being that Voice. 11/16/02

I really learned about some things I was doing wrong. Now I have been educated on how to handle things correctly. Thank you for the wisdom. M. G. 11/14/02

This class was very informative and I would suggest that it be a requirement. R.M. 11/14/02

Great! 11/14/02

Very Animated! Very Good! 11/14/02

As a result of the Adults Class I definitely decided to change my position on custody. R. E. 11/12/02

I feel everyone should be exposed to this class. This would be good to expose teenagers to. I would like to hear more about the emotions of the child and how to help them. I enjoyed it. D. R. 11/12/02

Lots of good information from a mediators point of view, that really encourages parents to try to work together rather than allowing a judge to make decisions. 11/12/02

The instructor kept the class awake by making everyone laugh, and talking very fast. Before I took both classes, I felt as if I was forced to take a brainwashing class, but no I feel better after taking both classes, and I have gained a lot of knowledge about children in the middle. 11/9/02

Thank you for looking at this whole situation from a child's point of view. It helps put everything back into perspective. I hope the other parent comes to this class because I think it would help the situation. J. D. 11/9/02

I learned a lot about my child's needs. I wish my parents had taken this when they divorced. Very interesting and very well taught. C. A. 11/9/02

I am walking away with a better knowledge and understanding of what my children are going through. Thank You! M. G. 11/9/02

Excellent! Great Job! 11/9/02

Great presentation-Great info.- lots of energy- Everyone should go to this, parents and friends of divorced parents! 11/9/02

I really enjoyed the Part I Adult Class "Children in the Middle." I was extremely frustrated, frankly "pissed off" that I went to prove up ready to do my final decree and was ordered to come to class. I really learned a lot and Brad was so funny, kept me awake and was not boring at all. I usually am easily bored during lectures. But he kept my attention even hearing yourself in examples and able to laugh. M. F. 11/7/02

Thank you for helping us all see that we need to work together. I thought you were great and very on target. We all need help. Don't change a thing. D. R. 11/7/02

This course really helped me understand my view of the other adult's situation as well as the view of the children. Good advice about the parents deciding the future of the children themselves through mediation. I would recommend this class to couples divorcing without children. S. R. 11/7/02

Brad is very amusing and speaks very well. I was happy with the course. He explains things to a "t". R. B. 11/7/02

You made it fun!!! 11/7/02

I've wanted to settle this case form the start. This class verified the importance of settling and doing what is right in the eyes of the children. Excellent delivery of the information. 11/7/02

Totally awesome! T. G. 11/5/02

Very informative! L. V. 11/5/02

Great class! Presenters showed very realistic situations that are common to most people. I think everyone can relate to what was said. Everyone should have to take this class to benefit the children. C. A. 11/5/02

Excellent info. Thanks! 11/2/02

This class should be the first class after papers are filed. This class puts the both parties on the table giving us the opportunity to compromise and the court mediator should be on hand. I say this because surprisingly we both attended the same class. T. B. 11/2/02

Textbook psychology packed presentation, good use of a 2 1/2 hr. period. Excellent course for most parents involved in divorce. 11/2/02

This was a really good class. It reassured me that I am on the right path. There are a few minor changes I will make to help my children. I would recommend this class to anyone having trouble with an ex-spouse whether or not they are involved in litigation. C. A. 11/2/02

Hopefully our son's father got the same understanding of the class. This class is very direct and makes you think about your own litigation and relationships and how to handle them in a child's point of view. Hopefully, I will try to use some of these situations in my own life-for my son! M. W. 11/2/02

This class was very informative. It made me much more aware of my children's needs. J. L. 10/22/02

Walter and Brad did very well. E.M. 10/22/02

It made me feel like I'm not insane to want to have his dad involved with our son. I have been told by his dad it's all my job and he's moved on and now I know it's OK for me to tell my X bring your new girl and just come see your son play ball! Thanks! J. D. 10/22/02

Good class. J. E. 10/22/02

A very informative class. Thank you! J. R. 10/22/02

I'm a straight forward person. So, I liked the fact that the presenters were straight forward and told you like it is. 10/22/02

Great class! I am looking forward to the kid's class. I can not wait for my wife to take this so we can move forward together. I will say to any of my friends or anyone "I know the grief of court battles and cost of money" and recommend your class first. B. C. 10/22/02

I felt like the presenter gave detailed and thoughtful approaches to how I could help improve our family situation. I learned there are some areas I can improve in like sleeping arrangements and having my children's friends over. L. S. 10/24/02

Great Class! You did very well. J. B. 10/24/02

Liked the examples given my instructor. 10/24/02

Enjoy the energy of the class. C. R. 10/24/02

I wish I knew this 12 yrs. ago. I have an extended family and all the kids went through the problems of being tugged between the families. I have 1 last chance not to repeat the past with our child. Thank You! 10/24/02

I got a lot of positive info. Awareness as to what importance of my children's needs. Healthy and positive communication with spouse (or) mother especially in from of our children. 10/24/02

Two months of anger melted away by the instructors ability to show me this is not about my wants or my ex-wife's wants. It is about our daughter, and meeting her needs. Thanks so much! P. H. 10/19/02

This class reinforced the fact that I am doing right by my children. It is imperative that ALL parents go to this class before divorce. J. A. 10/15/02

I wish this had been court ordered for me in 1998. This is wonderful and I have learned a lot. T. G. 10/15/02

Ya'll were great. You helped me understand things better. Keep up the good work. L. W. 10/15/02

I think that it was a great course. Very informational. Can't wait for next part. I'm very glad to attend this class. N. W. 10/10/02

The speaker was the best! D. H. 10/10/02

I found this class to be very informative especially on the "I'm the victim" or the "me, me syndrome" has an affect on a child and how it shows in his responsibility of his actions. 10/10/02

Loud talker which is very good. Keeps everybody awake and listening. Very good class! 10/10/02

Very nice presentation. Would love the opportunity to have other family members see a video of this course. Very impressed with the victim syndrome described. Great class! D. G. 10/05/02

Very informative. Learned some things about my self I didn't know. P. H. 10/05/02

This class was very informative and maybe very helpful after my ex-husband attends. It might help us get along better. 10/05/02

Material was enthusiastically presented. Emphasis on individual responsibility is an important component. 10/05/02

Presenter very dynamic and did an excellent job putting forth information. I appreciate the use of humor in the class. I particularly enjoyed "knight with shining armor" story. Continue being brutally BLUNT on these issues!! W. B. 10/05/02

I feel this class was very enlightening. It did open my eyes to some changes I could make in order to make our child's life better and more memorable. D. P. 10/08/02

Good role playing using different situations/points of view. 10/03/02

Course was extremely informative. I wish my wife could have been here. I will be more aware of the things I do and say, to my child, wife, and ex. 10/03/02

A class like this would be good before having children. Certainly wish I would have had this class before taking this to court. Really wish I had taken this class 1 1/2 years ago! I wouldn't have made some of the stupid mistakes I made. 10/03/02

Informative, well presented class. 10/03/02

Very good, relevant stories that made it easy to relate to from both the child and other parent's view point. 10/03/02

As a co parent and step-parent and having been through a Divorce/Co parenting Class before, I was surprised (and happy) that even after over a year, I learned/realized new parenting practices (ie, with regard to the children's property and step-parenting). I found the class very informative and direct to the point! L. G. 10/03/02

Mr. Craig is very knowledgeable. Presentation is forthright yet humorous and thought provoking. This information is very needed and should be highly promoted by both the system, private sector, educators, R. W. 10/03/02

Good Job! 9/30/02

This was a lot of good information that was so helpful! I learned so much I didn't know before. You answered all the questions I had and explained what was going on in my relationship with my children and their dad. Thank you! I will recommend others to your classes. 9/30/02

I want to pursue mediation and not court room litigation now. I will inform my attorney of my decision. R. B. 9/24/02

Great Job! 9/24/02

Very informative class. 9/24/02

It was very informative. I appreciate his information. He put everything in a different light. He made things make sense. 9/24/02

Very informative class. 9/21/02

The instructor did a great job. He got a passion with the issue. E. M. 9/21/02

I learned a lot from this class. L. S. 9/17/02

I thought you did a great job of showing why we needed to mediate, not litigate. 9/17/02

Mr. Craig is very charismatic and is very good about not making people feel bad. K. P. 9/19/02

Helpful re: 6-12 yrs. of age and "period of responsibility" and "parents obligation" very good. Brad Craig was great, informative. 9/19/02

Instructing and informative. Thanks! P. H. 9/12/02

This class was very helpful and offered some wonderful solutions and/or potential solutions. 9/12/02

Exceptionally Great! 9/12/02

As a teacher, this information is extremely useful. As a stepparent I greatly appreciate the fact that the stepparent was not portrayed as the "evil" person. It is nice for a change. Thank you for the positive attitude. E. P. 9/12/02

Very informative. People planning to get married should have to take this class. S. G. 9/10/02

Really good class to come too! R. L. 9/7/02

Very good class. Content of the class very oriented towards the way things happen. 9/7/02

Thank you for a great class. S. R. 9/7/02

I have learned so many things in the 5 hours of this class. I do feel like I have made many mistakes, but I will do everything I can to do the right thing from this moment on. I thank you for all of the information. M. H. 9/7/02

I enjoy this class very beneficial but need to take Part I to address things that are currently going on with ex husband and kids. I truly did enjoy this class. E. M. 9/7/02

I wish it was longer. C. A. 9/7/02

My son is only 10 months old, I am hoping for a bright and happy future for him and will do my best to make it happen. Thank you for your positive attitude on a very difficult and emotional time in the life of a child and parent. 9/5/02

This class is great. I feel this should be required of all parents when they file for a divorce. The first step before going to court. Maybe this should be offered BEFORE people have children. Knowledge makes you think twice. R. H. 9/5/02

The part about changing yourself first was the best part. 9/5/02

I am very happy that I got to come to this class. I did not know that I would get answers to questions that I didn't realize I needed. I am going to attempt mediation. All that I want is for my son to have as normal a life as possible. M. H. 9/5/02

The instructors were knowledgeable and very informative. Helped one keep things in perspective and remain with a positive attitude. 9/3/02

Both instructors were very knowledgeable. One could tell they spoke from a depth of experience. 8/27/02

Excellent class. I wish I had done it a year and five months ago. Thank you so much. BJ, 8/22/02

I feel all parents should be required to take this class. Brad was excellent. JB, 8/22/02

It had good information. Hope that my spouse will make this class very soon. 8/20/02

The visual aids are helpful. You are easy to listen to. The class tries to help you become knowledgeable in decisions raising children in two different homes, it really helps. Thanks. NC, 8/15/02

This class has helped me make several decisions. When my sons are with me, I've made them spend that time with me. When I called them at break (in this class) I gave them permission to go to a sleepover. I budgeted in my mind for that sleeper sofa (for myself) since I have that one bedroom. And so on. I'm creating a new home environment instead of suitcases. 8/15/02

I asked the judge to order this because I thought it would benefit my daughter. MS 8/13/02

It was great to receive this information with a little bit of humor. 8/03/02

Was very informative, video was good touch. Kept my attention for 2 1/2 hours. 8/03/02

I'm the stepparent. My husband has custody of his daughter. Though my husband is a wonderful father and I try to be a good stepparent, these are good suggestions for everyone. 8/03/02

This class is very interesting and very full of different views that make more sense than the views I thought. I took in a lot of important issues. I recommend this to every one. This class has change my views. 8/01/02

The class helps you to see things from the other parent's, as well as the child's, point of view without personal opinions getting in the way. CC, 7/25/02

I like the fact that he is so"kid focused." It has always been adult centered with my ex. I guess since my son is so young, I have not focused on my son's needs since they are so basic. 7/25/02

Very upbeat and funny. Made easy to enjoy! 7/25/02

It would be nice if everyone who is about to have a child (would) be required to take this course beforehand. KR, 7/25/02

Very valuable information, unfortunately 2 1/2 hours isn't, or doesn't seem, an adequate amount of time. MQ, 7/18/02

I really liked this class a lot! It was very insightful, and encouraging!! I really enjoyed the part about the stages,and importance of Independence. I am more encouraged (now more than ever) to discuss our parenting rules and styles with my ex so that our son can be comfortable and as well adjusted as possible! Thank You KS, 7/18/02

Thanks for reminding of my choice in all this. Good Class. RO, 7/18/02

Great job! I am glad to know you're here. PO, 7/16/02

Very informative and empowering! MG, 7/11/02

Excellent class! Gave me hope that the other parent may be more willing to negotiate. I'm more willing to 'let go' of things - they're out of my control anyway. 7/06/02

I really enjoyed the class and it has really opened my eyes to try and work harder with the other parents. I am looking forward to part 2. 7/06/02

All of these courses assume that parents communicate with each other. I have learned from this class some ways to help modify my way of handling the differences in the 2 homes with the lack of communication. 6/27/02

The class changed my views and just want to thank you. 6/25/02

Speaker was very positive & knowledgeable about the information presented. Knowledgeable about the court system, but does not give legal advice. Excellent! Good examples to illustrate his points. MP, 6/25/02

I gained a great deal of knowledge from this course. I believe in putting my child first. This course is very, very helpful in putting things into perspective. KS, 6/25/02

All young people getting married or newlyweds should take this course. I think it is a great class and is applicable in all homes, not just after divorce. You did a great job. 6/25/02

As I sat back listening to 'life examples' of cases Mr. Craig has worked with in the past, I took the time to examine how I had handled situations with my estranged spouse & children. Sadly enough - I've done some of the wrong/inappropriate things discussed. Today I am continuously thinking before speaking and have promised myself to do a better job of handling myself by setting good examples of doing what's right rather than what's wrong. THANK YOU! I think everyone involved w/children should go through this course, or something similar since values don't come with 'handbooks'. This class is the next best thing! DB, 6/20/02

T his course opened my eyes about some critical issues that got me into a contested divorce rather than a mutual agreement. I shall work this out to the advantage of our child. 6/18/02

This class is beneficial even if you are not getting divorced. This helps in lots of situations. KD, 6/15/02

I took this class because I am about to become a stepmother to 5 children. The class is helpful in understanding the situation (i.e.. divorce) from the child's perspective. I wish time had allowed for more discussion of stepparent/significant other issues. I am also a psychologist who has taught child development and I applaud your enthusiastic presentation. 6//15/02

I think this portion of the class (part I) would be great if introduced in high school; also, to the parents and grandparents. KM, 6/6/02

This is a frustrating, difficult and at times miserable experience we find ourselves in. The class was helpful, informative and sympathetic to our situations. DT, 6/6/02

I've learned so much about mistakes I could have made, but haven't. 6/4/02

I came to this class voluntarily as the girlfriend of a co parent and felt it was very helpful to receive the same info that he received. 5/21/02

Very good at reminding us to always look at things from our kid's eyes and point of view! Reminds you to think before you speak. KB, 5/16/02

Found out there were many things I was doing on the 'mistakes' list that I didn't realize I was doing. I have a lot of modification to do in my actions. Thank you for your guidance. JW, 5/16/02

Thank you very much for the class; well worth $35. CT, 5/14/02

This is very informative! I have some very difficult situations w/my ex - but hopefully he will listen to you like I did. KB, 5/9/02

I felt like this was a good beginning. 5/9/02

This was a good class. I feel more at ease with the fact that you have experienced divorce w/children as well. LG, 5/9/02

Great information & presentation. 5/7/02

I feel this course is a great way to point the focus on the children & not what you want or need. 5/7/02

Wished there had been more time for questions. Course was very good, especially at refocusing perspective from child's point of view. Feel I will apply some of the things I learned in my life and life of my family. 5/7/02

Right on Track! SL, 5/4/02

The discussion on victimization was very helpful in my situation (this is exactly what I am going through at the present time). JH, 5/2/02

You are very good and really know the topic...seems like you can see inside my relationship...thanks for the information and mainly for your help. 5/2/02

I especially enjoyed this second part (The Children) a whole lot, I feel I have a better perspective on how my son feels, and how I can be a better parent. I also feel this class should be mandatory for anyone who is becoming a parent. TG, 4/25/02

Mr. Craig was most informative in so very many topics. I was overwhelmed at all the issues that I have to practice and work with. I feel I have to pursue far more knowledge to benefit my child considering the situation. I cannot say thank you enough for what his talent has given me to go on. It's comforting to know I can have access to the comfort of teachers like Mr. Craig. Thank you so much. TP, 4/25/02

As a step parent, I learned a lot of valuable information regarding my husband, his ex, their son. I'm glad I was able to attend the session so that I have a better understanding of past issues as well as future issues that may arise. BG, 4/23/02

Very insightful and understandable. RE, 4/23/02

This class opened my eyes! This is not about "me" and "my needs" but the needs of my three children. Thank you. Excellent. NY, 4/23/02

I recommend class I and II should be taken before separation or divorce are discussed with children. 4/23/02

Being given the input Mr. Filmore offered in general, I have to say touched me. In some ways, it will be of great help in my situation as a single parent. All parents should take a course or 2 for the best interest of all the children. TL, 4/23/02

The class was very good. DG, 4/23/02

I received a lot of knowledge about myself and parenting. AR, 4/23/02

Great instructor - good information with a good sense of humor. 4/23/02

I really enjoyed this class, found it very educational. I personally was not ordered to be here but I feel classes like these should be offered in all stages of education (elementary, high school, etc.). However I found it very helpful in my situation and I know it could and would benefit others, all across the nation. TG, 4/23/02

I enjoyed the class, it was very insightful. 4/20/02

Too short of time for the information provided. 4/20/02

Great Class! I think everyone w/children who are not together should come to this class! It is very informative and interesting. 4/18/02

I learned a lot and the class was insightful. It adjusted my view in a positive way. 4/16/02

You did a great job teaching the class. You made things a lot easier to understand. 4/16/02

I am very glad I took part in this class. It definitely opened my eyes to what is going on in my divorce. I fell that this class should be ordered for every couple going through a divorce, even if it is a "happy" divorce. 4/16/02

This was a very good perspective. Thank you. 4/11/02

I'm not a parent of the child. Love both dad and mom. Primarily in this as anchor and safe harbor for the baby. She is my primary concern, her best interest. Enjoyed the very well presented and informative class. Thank you. 4/11/02

Excellent! Looking forward to part 2. MB, 4/11/02

Informative. Insightful. Grateful for the opportunity to attend the class. MH, 4/9/02

Dialogue packed with useful, relevant information, inspiring to work together. JW, 4/6/02

I wish I knew about this course a long time ago. This course has made me a better father. I will tell every parent about this course. RW, 4/6/02

Very informative. Great course. 4/6/02

Great acting. Was Fun. Was so true - some of the things he was talking about. 4/4/02

Good commentary about the "victim" syndrome. Excellent analogies of situation that the "victims" claim. Good info about mediation. Overall grade: Adult class 98% realistic, 2% Utopian fantasy - Class about the children 99.99% realistic, .02% well we live in a screwed up "human" world. Good classes. I appreciate the information more NOW than I would have 4 or 5 years ago. DP, 4/4/02

It was very informative and helped to open my eyes to particular issues with my son. Personally, you answered my questions in a clear and effective manner. Thank you! AL, 4/2/02

For a fact, the ex even said he learned a lot and is willing to work for the best interest of the child. 3/28/02

There are things that I never realized could be taken out of context by my child. Knowing that will help me to watch what I say in the future. JC, 3/28/02

Once again, your class is extremely educational. I still hope that all of this education will sink into the heads of all parents involved in these situations. I would only hope that this is not a fantasy world. It would be an enjoyable experience for my children to have a peaceful medium. LH, 3/21/02

I would highly recommend this class. I feel we are coparenting pretty well, but I have still learned a lot and I can see some things from a new perspective. Excellent parenting information, even for couples who are married. MP, 3/21/02

What an excellent course. I have learned so much. Things that were forgotten or set aside due to anger. TT, 3/21/02

I really enjoyed Mr. Craig teaching. Even though I didn't want this divorce, I've learned I can't control my soon to be ex, but I can take responsibility to put my children first. Thank you. RR, 3/21/02

I was discourage about the concept of not using access to the children as leverage in payment of child support, but it makes sense. 3/21/02

Understanding more regarding the "victim" mentality which is obviously complex (or can be). You're a very dynamic speaker - thanks so much. SB, 3/19/02

WOW! I have learned more than I expected. Thank you. 3/19/02

I was surprised by how much information was covered. All the different scenarios used made it easier to understand and relate to. LQ, 3/19/02

Although I did not feel all information was helpful in my unique situation, it did help me to start thinking of how my child will feel later towards both parents. I think this will help me. Thank you. 3/19/02

Very good and informative. I saw a lot of myself in the examples and talk given. Thanks. 3/19/02

Good for both parents to be in this class together - because we both heard the same good things. Reinforces things she has told me and that I've told her. 3/16/02

I always tell my 5 month old son I missed him when I pick him up from daycare. This really taught me to change my words. I'm glad to find out early this could be phrased differently. I learned a lot. Great job on the class. 3/16/02

I wish I knew about this class before getting married. KG, 3/16/02

I've been divorce for 10 years. I attended to learn an appropriate role for a stepfather. I do wish a class like this had been around when I'd gotten my divorce. It would have saved me several years of "skinning my knees" learning these lessons personally. MA, 3/14/02

This class was very helpful in my situation. DG, 3/14/02

Instructor is high energy! Excellent. Great stories - Very direct - Speaks clearly and concisely. Appreciate the reading material and the fact you're willing to stay later to answer questions. Excellent examples - real life stories help put everything into perspective. CG, 3/14/02

Great class! It makes you evaluate yourself. 3/14/02

I felt the class met the needs of those involved in coparenting situations. It has motivated me to pursue mediation. I feel this class will assist my child in benefiting from both of us. 3/14/02

I appreciate the knowledge you pass on. Thank you for being one person besides "the parents" that cares about what goes along with the child. LH, 3/14/02

Thanks for some great ideas! You packed a lot into 2 1/2 hours. 3/14/02

Good information from other class members. 3/12/02

I'm glad I came. Realized a lot of things. I things from the other side. CK, 3/05/02

Very educational. Classes go by too fast. 2/28/02

I see a broader picture of a child's point of view towards me and life. JL, 2/21/02

I didn't want to this, so I am not happy. Mr. Craig is Great! He made a bad situation better. MC, 2/19/02

I feel that this class helped me out a lot in how to understand my child's needs better as a mom. SB, 2/14/02

I think classes like this should be required by anybody seeking to get married, not wait until they are separating. TB, 2/14/02

This class is very informative. It really makes you think about what you are doing during a divorce. RH, 2/14/02

I think this class is beneficial to biological parents and stepparents as well. I learned different ways to deal with situations dealing with selfishness involving the other parent, and it's NOT about the adults, it's about the children. JS, 2/13/02

I wasn't sure why I was ordered to come to this class since I've been the only parent for 9 ˝ years. And after both classes, I learned useful things. So now I feel it was a good idea for me to come. 2/13/02

I really enjoyed the class and it really made me look at things from my son's eyes! KP, 2/07/02

If I knew about these classes before litigation, I would have attended sooner. I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed Mr. Craig's classes. I hope mediation will be something that the other party will want to attend. SC, 2/07/02

Thank you for the insight you provided. I was especially thankful for the information on introducing the significant other to the child - this is an issue I have been struggling with for some time now. I hope this info helps this divorce be more amicable than my own parents. Thank you. 2/07/02

Very detailed & informative, enjoyed the class. Changed my views on a lot of issues. I realized I was being selfish and blaming (things) on the other parent & now will change. Thank you! 1/24/02

It was an eye-opener! TP, 1/22/02

The instructors were very positive. They were also very patient. I didn't want to come to this class, but I'm glad I did. RW, 1/22/02

I feel this course was good. I feel that as a stepparent, I try to do what is best for my stepchild and not try to take her mother's place. NE, 1/22/02

I didn't want to come to this class, but figured it couldn't hurt. I'm glad I had to come because I've learned and realized a lot! I will definitely pick and choose my battles now. 1/22/02

This class helped us realize that we should stay in close proximity to (our child). It prevented us from moving to Houston. NT, 1/19/02

From this class, I have learned a lot more on how to respond to our child and to her actions. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. SC, 1/19/02

Coming from a divorced childhood, this is a very different perspective than I experienced. You did a great job in relation to "preconceived" notions. 1/19/02

Want to bring grandparents and boyfriend for parts of this class - great information! LG, 1/17/02

Just as my children have never been through a divorce, neither have I. Not as a child or as an adult. Unfortunately, in these situations, there is a lot to learn in a short and emotionally charged period. I have often felt nowhere to turn for answers and am very pleased to have been exposed to these classes. Thank you. 1/17/02

Possibly a little more time for questions, even if class has to go on 30 minutes longer. 1/17/02

The class was extremely informative, instructor knows the issues and has the answers. I would recommend this class to friends who are not going through divorce, so that they are prepared to make better decisions from the beginning. AG, 1/15/02

This class was incredibly enlightening. DW, 1/10/02

This class was very informative about personality types and roles played by each parent. TR, 1/10/02

This is a wonderful class that has helped me understand why the other parent is the way he is. NT, 1/05/02

This class will help me to be a better mother, person, and a friend to my kids and ex-husband. I know things I learned here will help us. SW, 1/05/02


Most important class I ever took. GF, 12/20/01

This class has shed a lot of light on what my family is going through. I will work harder to resolve it quickly and peacefully for the love of my child. This class has helped me lose interest in fighting with my soon-to-be-exwife. 12/11/01

Outstanding class. Should have taken this at the beginning of my issues. 12/04/01

I believe this class was a real eye-opener. Great alternatives and suggestions. JC 12/04/01

Very upbeat - good job. Your positive mental attitude helps the class time fly by. D.A. 11/29/01

I previously was a presenter for ____ _____ and this program is soooooo much better! Thank you, it was a great reminder & encouraging to me. KP 11/29/01

Very informative and eye-opening. Makes you think about the whole situation. 11/20/01

Our kids will thank you! P.P. 11/15/01

I think it's comforting and reassuring that you hear about that are so familiar to your own. MS 11/08/01

I felt like you were talking straight to me. P.P. 11/08/01

This was an excellent presentation with valuable information and tools for successful coparenting and correct handling of children's issues. 11/07/01

I truly enjoyed this class. To truly see things from a child's point of view is interesting and informative. I look forward to putting some of the suggestions to practice. Thank you. DH 10/25/01

I was frustrated at coming, but glad I did. I did not think I could benefit so much. I am glad I took this class. RF 10/16/01

This class was very encouraging. JM 10/11/01

I got a lot of good things out of this class. It helped me realize that I need to give my husband a chance to be a good father now, even though things were different when we were married. I know now he needs that and so do the children. DD 10/11/01

I wish we could have taken this course earlier on. It should be recommended before anything else. We mediated, but it could have been easier. CS 10/11/01

A good class, I couldn't perfect it any more. Thank you. RL, 10/04/01

I should not have been so frustrated when I was ordered to take the class. I should have went much sooner. JB, 10/04/01

Many examples 100% applicable to me. 10/4/01

This class helped me to better understand the needs of my child. It also helped me to further understand how to deal with issues. RL, 10/02/01

Excellent presentation. Great material. CG, 9/27/01

Extremely informative. I will definitely think twice about what I say to the children. A. S., 9/27/01

I now feel like I candela with my coparent in a more productive way. 9/25/01

Walter and Brad did an excellent job. They explained the certain realities at the situation we're in. C.K., 9/25/01

Every parent should come to the class and see the things they do, or how many things that could change by coming. 9/20/01

Fantastic info! Thanks! D.M., 9/18/01

I liked the way that personal responsibility and making decisions based on the welfare of the children was stressed. J.Z., 9/18/01

Good presentation. Answered a lot of questions. D.C., 9/14/01

This brought new light to my/our current situation. Even though most of the information was mostly known, it helped to organize responsibilities. I am overwhelmed at the fact my spouse and myself attended. Thanks. 9/14/01

The class really helped me see that this can really be worked out instead of fighting over the little simple decisions. 9/14/01

Things were explained so they could be completely understood. 9/11/01

Came in irritated that I had to come. Left with some useful info. Interesting class. 9/06/01

I like the way the class opened both my eyes and my wife's eyes. I think it helped build our confidence that we can work together and be excellent parents together. P K., 9/06/01

I thought the class was good for my situation and it did help me realize how to deal with a separated family. I realized we are always going to be parents together and learned how to deal with each other. I'm glad we decided to come to the class. F.T., 9/06/01

I think this class was very helpful and it answered questions I had and gave suggestions I needed. If I did not come here, we would probably battle in Court for years. C. P., 9/06/01

Very educational. Sometimes as parents we need reminders about what we should be doing. J L., 8/28/01

It really opened my eyes. 8/23/01

I really admire your enthusiasm and empathy for this difficult scenario. N. T., 8/23/01

Informative presented in a fun and knowledgeable say! I like the way children are considered first. G. Neal, 8/21/01

Thank you for the energetic and positive motivation to be the best at coparenting I can be! C. Brown, 8/21/01

I would recommend this for couples who are just separating to start working together for the children's sake. 08/14/01

It was wonderful, absolutely very informative, every parent should go through with it. 08/14/01 Very well presented. 08/14/01

I liked this one much better. Much easier to stay attuned to discussions about your kids than to those just about yourself. 08/14/01

This was a very informative class. It makes you think before you continue on with a nasty divorce. B.G., 8/09/01

Informative Class-excellent instructor. D.W., 8/09/01

The fact that your facilitators have been through divorce lends credence to the advice being given and the lessons being taught. 8/09/01

Well taught-Thanks! D.K. 8/09/01 This class helped me with all the legalities. 8/09/01

I just trust parents will listen to what Mr. Craig presents! Most effective analogy-choose 1 child! Awful consideration! Great class-taken from child's point of view. G.N. 8/07/01

Excellent class-you're a true first class speaker! Thank you. W.R., 8/07/01

Coming into the course, I was not sure what I was going to get out of the class. But I am really glad and feel better about my relationship with my child. Very good information that will help me with the future. 8/07/01

Thought-provoking, helpful. 8/07/01

You have a great class- I told my friends about it! L.J., 8/02/01

I had a lot of different opinions about my divorce, but now I can sit and talk to my future ex and come to an understanding. E.B., 8/02/01

I learned a lot. There is more than just what I want. I've learned it is not about us, but about my kids. D.F., 8/02/01

I learned how to better handle myself. In some situations, I'm not too far off. Mainly I learned about the dating thing and introducing to kids. 8/02/01

Will help if you make a video tape and sell it as a refresher/tool for us to refer back to- I would be the first to buy one! 8/02/01

Very knowledgeable about the subjects! Good stories and enlightening issues! 07/26/01

I really learned to look at things in a different light. The class was very helpful. J.M. 07/26/01

Great Class! 07/26/01

I feel this class will help me understand my son more. P.J. 07/26/01

This was a very entertaining class. I wish Brad had been our social worker. J.V. 07/26/01

I became more aware of future possible problems, like keeping routines and rules the same. C.B. 07/26/01

The instructor made good points and made me more aware of many issues. I think we'll benefit a lot from this class. 07/26/01

This was useful to help understand the child. B.K. 07/26/01

Thanks. 07/26/01

I very much appreciate your respect for finishing on time. 07/26/01

I certainly benefited from the information. 07/24/01

Many of the topics you discussed- my situation deals with directly. When you discussed the stages of grief, I could really relate. M.H. 07/24/01

A lot of this (class) described exactly what, as a future divorcee, I am going through. Helped me realize that it is just not me. Z.H. 07/24/01

Great class. I feel as though I learned more about how to be a better stepmom. Great teacher…great examples. Thank you for emphasizing your own responsibility. M.S. 07/24/01

Presented things in a different light. Will try harder to work things out for the best interest of our child. Both parents, agreeing or not, should attend this together! L.K. 07/24/01

I really didn't think I needed to be in this class, but I am glad that I came because it really made me think about my grandson and what's best for him, instead of what I thought was for him. Mr. Craig really kept it interesting and informative. J.M. 07/24/01

I appreciate how knowledgeable the presenter was. I feel better about this process. C.B. 07/24/01

Wonderful insight. A real eye opener! This course gives me hope that we can settle our differences outside of court. This course brings me hope for a peaceful, meaningful and productive coparenting venture. 07/24/01

Very professionally presented. Good subject knowledge. Very fair and pertinent information was delivered. 07/24/01

The class reinforced numerous things I previously believed about coparenting…I have previously visited with a child psychologist (recently) and have learned similar information. Good info-more people should have to take this class. 07/24/01

Excellent information, got me to refocus on children's needs. I got new ideas about alternative living arrangements-moving houses/domiciles closer together. K.C., 07/19/01

I've seen it from more than just our point of view. I love "OUR" children-see I'm better already! L.S., 07/19/01

You have made me look at many issues from a different perspective-Thanks! 07/19/01

Excellent! 07/19/01

I am glad I came. 7/12/01

I wish I would have attended this a year and a half ago! 7/12/01

Thank you! I have told my son (11 yrs) he is the man of the house after an adult had referred to him as such and I will also address that adult to stop. I have reason to believe that my daughter's father is negative towards me in my daughter's presence and I must continue to be positive about her relationship with her father while she is in my presence. - J. Howell, 7/10/01

I really enjoyed your class. I look forward to part one. - S.G, 7/10/0

1 What an eye opener. This helps us realize how selfish we can become. It would be wonderful to have both parents attend together as so it is known that both sides hear the exact same thing. Gives us all hope on solving issues as adults and that someone else does not have to make decisions on our family. 7/10/01

Well presented and highly recommendable. HP, 7/05/01

I was really dreading this class, but now I feel so much more empowered! Thank you. LR, 7/05/01

Thank you! I especially enjoyed the teaching regarding 'children's property.' 7/05/01

Mr. Craig really opened my mind to things from the children's perspective. 7/03/01

I did not attend with my spouse, wish I would have. Would recommend to marriage counselors. G.B, 6/28/01

I can only hope that the other parties in my case took the time to take this class. It was so informative for me. Mr. Craig is so knowledgeable on this subject I could take a week long class to gain more info. I wish I could thank the Judge for ordering us here because I didn't know about it before. NL, 6-21-01

I was very impressed with the class. I would love info on counseling or support groups as well as mediation. The class was well spoken, well addressed, and I can't wait for part two. NL, 6-19-01

Class should be required for all couples that are about to marry. Children in the Middle is a very enlightening psychological experience. It helps parents to work towards raising healthy children. MR, 6-19-01

Great info and great presentation. I feel much better about my situation after this class. Glad to know that I'm doing something right even though it does not feel that way most of the time. 6-19-01

I arrived thinking I was going to fall asleep but it's surely well worth it to take this class. 6-19-01

Exceptional! I pray after my husband comes he can be as open and see the children's needs over his own. 6/14/01

I really identified with 5 stages of grief. SM, 6/14/01

Good recommendations w/dealing w/ ex-husband with our child. Learned good things w/ raising our children together. LG, 6/14/01

This class was very helpful and was very encouraging that my spouse and I are already using these tactics. I also believe that it has changed many of his original ways of handling our situation. I have noticed his attention has changed from focusing on me and more focused on what is best for our son. CM, 6/14/01

Great presenter, very valid information and opened my eyes to my behavior and how it relates legally and morally to the responsibility of co-parenting. SO, 6/14/01

Too short! This class should be given before I was married. 6/14/01

I think this class should be a part marriage counseling relationship building and for young couples that want to marry. DC, 6/12/01

Excellent job! RM, 6/12/01

Both classes were consistently productive, the examples given were very accurate. AP, 6/7/01

Wish the classes were longer. SR, 6/7/01

Eye opening views of the different issues with coparenting. Something I definitely will consider recommendations. DCl, 6/7/01

I wish this class could have been longer. There is so much more I Could learn from you and your teachings. TS, 6/7/01

I will definitely be more conscious of looking at my situation from our son's point of view. CW, 6/7/01

Mediation I learned more about and good info. Concerning mediation. Going to try to do mediation. DW, 6/7/01

An excellent class that should be recommended, if not a legal pre-requisite to becoming a parent. Having gone through the stages of grief myself, I was able to see that my soon to be ex is now (seemingly) experiencing stage one. JB, 6/7/01

Loved the class. Speaker was great. Very valuable information, should be a mandatory class for all couples divorcing. I hope this will help me and my spouse coparent and agree on a plan that is best for our children. SR, 6/05/01

You brought it to my attention that (visitation) is not mine but my son's time, I have always tried to call it our house not daddy's house. But now I realize just how important it is to let him know he has 2 homes. But I do disagree with you on the child support issue. I understand food, clothes, shelter, and entertainment, but there are some things my check goes to that don't fall in these categories. I am very thankful I was sitting in this class. TS, 6/05/01

This course offers an excellent perspective on what it will take to nurture a healthy environment for the children so that they will keep their individuality, as well as be able to talk openly with both parents without retribution. Parents will focus on what is best for the children and not the needs of the parents. MR, 6/05/01

It helps to understand my child and his mood swings and I have to adjust to his way of life with his dad and look at a routine. To try to always compromise and work out issues in the best interest of him. I'd like to come to an agreement and move on and not have my son in the middle. He is the main focus and what's best for him." MM, 6/05/01

Very good class; good information. Very useful. Will help me make better discussions and choices. 6/05/01

I wish I had the energy that our speaker has, especially after normal work hours. His child focus views should help us to try to compromise rather than argue over whose opinion is best. He also shared good ideas on particular issues that commonly arise. 6/05/01

I think you were great. As parents we should work together. We should make 2 happy homes. This class was very educational in the sense that both parents can work things out without having the law involved. Both parents and stepparents can work together for the happiness of the children. The children's happiness is the most important. Both children can have strong relationships with both parents. JM, 6/05/01

Thanks for sharing all these suggestions and explaining the implication of certain phrases and language in preparation to inform our daughter that we are about to separate. AB, 5-24-01

Very informative. Very well presented. I'm glad I attended. 5-24-01

I have found that you are reinforcing what I have been doing. There were a couple of things that I wasn't doing the "best" way, but now I will alter. 5-24-01

Thank you, what was your first name Mr. Craig? 5-24-01

Would you recommend this class to other? Yes, I would to anyone I felt needed it. My being only 18 years old and divorced. I feel that a lot of my childhood stress would have been non-existent if my parents had attended a class like this. Thank you! JT, 5-24-01

Brought up many facets that make me believe a cooperative decision may be possible." MC, 5-24-01

The presenters were good, knowledgeable. They helped straighten out biases. 5-22-01

Very informative and gained a lot of information and course and avenues to take. MM, 5-22-01

Thank you. 5-22-01

I think Walter and Brad did an excellent job. Very knowledgeable, Very informative, excellent communication skills. RM, 5-22-01

Very informative, well presented. 5-22-01

I was very skeptical with attending this class but after hearing you speak it changed my mind on a lot of my objectives. I gained a lot of knowledge and will definitely utilize some of your suggestions in resolving my coparenting situation. 5/15/01

He puts things in perspective and speaks from real experience. Structure was very good. Videos were also very informative. RE 5/15/01

This was a great class, wished we could have had this class before the relationship got as bad as it is. 5/15/01

This class was very informative and covered some things that I was unaware of. 5/15/01

The class gave me information that I would have never gotten anywhere else and could have affected my personal outcome in this. MC, 5/10/01

This course should be taken before ordering a divorce. Mine has been 1 ˝ years now. If I would have done this before it would have helped in the beginning, I would not have to learn on my own. D. Ruch 5/10/01

Only wished I came sooner...6 years ago. 5/08/01

There were 3 really important things I learned. I'll implement changes. Thank you for a good presentation. 5/08/01

Walter was great. A real eye-opener. Two thumbs up. TY, 5/08/01

Great Class. 5/08/01

The Children in the Middle class has taught me that I have options and avenues I can go. I've learned that working together as a family makes for a better life for our son. SW, 5-3-01

Great presentation. It was informative and compelling. I wish I had the information presented in the class a month ago. MV, 5-3-01

I had no idea you could mediate at any time. I will definitely be doing that soon. I'm pretty flexible and am willing to compromise. RH,, 5-3-01

This class Rocks! Everyone with kids should attend. TY,, 5-3-01

I enjoyed the first part of the class. I am looking forward to the second part of the class. It has helped me understand how to behave and set a better example for our children. I do wish I knew about this class before I went to a lawyer and got all my headaches. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your life to teach us and help us out. SV, 5-3-01

Excellent-need more time. 5-3-01

It is nice to hear the presenter talk about the "right" way to do things and have it match what I am already doing. Great information. 4/12/01

I was impressed with how it was pointed out that you must take ownership for your choices. Most people don't, so therefore there is litigation. 4/12/01

I wish we would have been told about this class before we went to the temporary hearing. I think things could have been different. This class was great and I hope it will help change my situation. I think when people go to a lawyer they should recommend this class before things go too far. 4/12/01

Like real case study stories. Good Presentation! Talks very fast! 4/12/01

Part II was again outstanding! 4/10/01

Great job! I like the way communication between the parents is vital-was said over and over... KK, 4/10/01

Great class, great teachers! KP, 4/10/0

I have already reached a stage where this was possible and still is. I've tried to protect my children from as much as possible. Too bad I didn't take this class 19 months ago. I definitely want to go through mediation. 4/06/01

Great class, thanx for the info. ES, 4/06/01

Good class and well presented. 4/06/01

I thought the class was well presented. I like the use of humor to make a very important and sometimes serious point. 4/06/01

It helps to understand the process in custody dispute. Fear of the unknown is almost worse than fear of the mediation or hearings. 4/06/01

Loved it! E-mailing communication diffuses all button pushing. 4/06/01

This class is full of useful information, was presented very well. It's nice to be talked to about things the instructor knows about and to know that I'm not the only one going through this. Great resource handouts! 4/06/01

Coming from a divorced family myself, the course shed a lot of light on my situation that I was unaware of. Thanx. ES, 4/03/01

I like how the class helped us look at different comments that we unknowingly say to our children and how they might be perceived through their eyes. KC, 4/03/01

Outstanding! It's unfortunate that more folks don't take this class with an open mind. Maybe this should be prescribed by (Judges) Courts as a course. 3/27/01

Awesome job. I have learned a great deal. 3/27/01


This class is so great for parents to learn to communicate for their children and with their children. I just hope that my husband gets the same message that I did! 3/15/01

The classes were very informational. Thank you for opening my eyes to a lot of situations with my children. 3/13/01

This was a very good class. The instructor was very well informed, and full of information. I really enjoyed this class. 3/08/01

I was visiting as a concerned aunt. I'm very impressed on the different point of view to have. I will encourage my sister and family members to support the other parent. I wish every person thinking of having a child should have to attend this class. 3/08/01

By coming here it helped me with what some of my rights were, also the speaker seemed like he was talking about my situation. THANK YOU. 3/08/01

I really enjoyed this class, it was very helpful and hopefully my ex-husband will attend. Get some help for himself. And be able to be a better Father to our Daughter. FW, 3/08/01

Very good. 3/08/01

Enjoyed the class, got a lot of suggestions that I will share with the other parent. GW, 3/06/01

Brad was a very quaint person with fun way of getting his point across, and his mannerisms were very serious. He is very informational and answered questions very specifically, would love to attend other classes he has. MB, 3/01/01

Good examples! Real life situations. 3/01/01

This was very informative. Some of the stuff he spoke about is for thought. My children are very important and are a priority in my life. We can all learn new things about how to deal with the stress our family is going through. LSM, 2/27/01

This course re-enforced my belief that being a good co-parent is one of the best gifts I can give my child. I was not referred or ordered to take this class. I think any opportunity to learn new and effective ways to deal with divorce & children is worthwhile. DH, 2/27/01

I enjoyed this small class because we got a lot of individual issues covered. However, part I was a full class and I feel that it also benefited me a great deal. 2/22/01

This class should be offered to separating parents. DH, 2/22/01

Class was very informative. Presentation was very good. I believe that my outlook for the children in very good. 2/13/01

This class made me realize that the children are caught in the middle. Therefore, I 'm going to try mediation if my ex-wife allows it." MG, 2/08/01

Much more appropriate and useable information. Actually like and agreed, compared to a previous class where I left frustrated and angry. Please continue to encourage mediation. 2/08/01

Reaffirmed so many of my own beliefs. Helped me remember 'in the best interest of the child.' Thank you! 1/25/01

I was extremely grateful to be able to see how my child sees the things that I have done or said and how I can change what I am doing to keep my child out of the middle. 1/25/01

The second class was very inspiring and opened my eyes to see things through my son's eyes. Thank you! JP, 1/25/01

I enjoyed this class. It made me realize that I have to change some things. JH, 1/23/01

Very good information for me at this time. 1/23/01

Didn't necessarily agree with some ideas/concepts, but gave me a different perspective/ way of looking at things. Great class-interesting presentation."JW, 1/16/01

I did get a lot out of this class. JP, 1/16/01

I was not ordered by the court to be here, but I am a mother and soon to be step other to a boy. This class has really helped me in a lot of areas. Can't wait until the next class. Thank you. KG, 1/16/01

Good course. I've read several books, which say similar things. Wish Denton County would make this course mandatory. DW, 1/9/01

I found this class amazingly informative. It made me look at myself retrospectively. It’s helped me realize there are things I need to take responsibility for---not be victim. There is always room for improvement in one’s parenting role. DW, 1/04/01

Very good points, well done. Good points concerning the other parent. 1/04/01

Very informative! Class and topics put my mind at ease concerning several issues. I will definitely take time to evaluate my actions, reactions, language, and how they affect my daughter. I will recommend my parents taking this class, as it will put their minds at ease as well! Thank you. 1/04/01

I thought the class was very informative and gave me a lot of insight. 1/04/01


I really enjoyed the class. It gave me a wealth of knowledge and common sense reawakening. We need to get past the anger and hurt we feel as adults. 12/21/00, D. Williams

I wish this class was available 10 years ago. Great information on how to consider the kids. Made me think how I can work on the transition of 2 households. Thank you! 12/21/00, D. Holmes

I feel in this day and age of new forming, overlapping families all stepparents should be required to take these classes and more time should be devoted to dealing with ways to keep the mother/father relationship on common/peaceful ground rather that stepparents not complimenting the relationship in the best interest of the child. 12/21/00

Thank You. 12/21/00

Mr. Craig was absolutely great. My eyes were refocused on a couple of very important issues. 12/21/00, T. Perez

I attended in the stepmother role. However, I also benefited in my relationship with my daughter's father and saw the relationship from a different perspective. I will strongly recommend this class to others. 12/14/00, L. Deuerling

I knew not what I would hear tonight: yet it has changed my whole attitude toward my present situation. 12/14/00

I came to gain information - I have not had a divorce but realize the relationship is over. This class helped me understand and focus my priorities. Thank you! 12/14/00. T. Manning

This class should be mandatory for stepparents involved in a child's life. 12/14/00

I really enjoyed your presentation. 12/14/00, K. Butler

Painful mirror reflection of what I have done to contribute to the unsuccessful resolution to this divorce. I leave here with less anger towards the other parent and more ownership of what I can and should do going forward. This class helped put my focus off myself and back towards my children. T. Shields, 12/7/00

I now want to pursue mediation and will choose an attorney to help move in that direction. I have a better understanding of grief, and my approach to focusing on my children. J. Nalley, 12/7/00

This class actually gives you a reality check on issues you wouldn't otherwise think about. 11/30/00

Thought the order to do this class was wonderful. Have told several friends this. 11/30/00

I have learned new ways to act or look at things better and try to be a good parent. I really like this class. 10/26/00

I thought that my ex and I had the perfect co-parenting relationship. Now I am aware of the little things that will affect our daughter’s healthy emotional development. 10/26/00, A. McGrath

Thank you. I believe my husband and I are so much on track. It made me feel good about how we are handling our divorce. We want so much what is best for the kids. 10/26/00

I just learned a lot about my kids and myself and my ex spouse, how to control my choices, and help my kids out too. 10/12/00

I am so glad this program is available. I am encouraging my ex husband to participate fully so we can work together as parents. 10/12/00, M. Alexander

I feel this class is a good ice-breaker when parents are stuck in “my way, your way” behavior. 9/28/00

This class is a jump start to a healthy divorce. 9/21/00, S. Stove

I’m glad that I was able to come to these classes. I gained a better perspective of my situation. 9/21/00, Catherine Johnson

An important aid during the litigation process. 9/21/00, K. Kidd

Extremely helpful – a good dose of reality. 8/24/00, C. Adams

Class provided clearer information on the way the court works and the way parents should act toward their children. 8/10/00

I should have attended this class 12 ˝ years ago. 8/3/00, Jeff D

Class opened my eyes to the alternative solutions about the laws dealing with the kids! 8/3/00, Keith S

It helped me to learn a little more about what my kids are going through. 8/2000

Definitely helped me focus on “the best interest of the child”. 7/27/00

I went through a divorce 8 years ago. I wish we had had this course then. 7/11/00, KD

Great course – and I have learned a lot about my stepson that will help me. 7/11/00

I feel better equipped to deal with the issues at hand! 7/1//00

Great class, everyone should go. 6/27/2000, S. Birdwell

This class is a good personal look at your self. 6/27/00 This class was very good – I did learn to look at situations in a different way. 6/20/00, Janet Beaty

My X and I have been divorced for 11 ˝ years. We came to this class at my request. 6/20/00, Linda Calvey

This class makes you look at yourself in your kid’s eyes. How do your kids view you? 6/15/00, TF

I wish I would have known of this class 7 years ago at the start of my divorce. I feel that I would have benefited from it at early start for the children. 6/15/00, FA

I very much enjoyed this session. For as smart as I thought I was handling the children, there was much more information made aware to me. The smallest (what seems) little things can really be big issues. 6/13/00, PL

I thought your dialogue on dating and the children was great! 6/08/00

As a “to-be” step-parent, it will help me help my children cope with what is going on in their life. 6/18/00, Philip Z

I think this class benefits EVERYONE, and all parents ought to join this class for the sake of their children.

I’m encouraged to know that I’m already doing many of the things presented, but still found many suggestions helpful and thought provoking. I believe I’ll be better parent as a result of this experience. Thank you. M. Moore

You really helped my husband. He was not very active in our children’s lives. He has made a complete turn around. You showed him ways to be pro-active.

I learned a lot of new things, and some of my choices made me stop and think of a new way to handle my situation. Samantha H.

Great class! Really nailed some issues on the head! Got great ideas for issues that may arise in the future as we are coparenting a two year old at this time. Learned a lot, can’t wait ‘til the next class. Tyler

This course helped me to see things from my son’s perspective. I believe I will react differently toward my son's mother. B. Odom

I wasn’t ordered to come to this class. I came seeking the “right” way to peacefully raise our children in two homes. I learned a lot and am hopeful about my child’s future. I am taking this class a year after the divorce, I wish I had known about it sooner. Thanks. E. Friedrich

The course really opened my eyes to some of the mistakes I have been making in regard to my children.

This supported the way I felt but was unsure it was right. I felt guilty for wanting to befriend my husband now and after the divorce. I knew what I wanted but felt “bad” for expressing my desires. D. McWhorter

I have been selfish, and realized it’s not about winning a fight between me and my X, it’s about my kids! J. Eller

This class is like mediation, but it allows a 3rd party to present important issues without a hidden agenda getting in the way. This is a great opportunity without having to make decisions right then. Ronnie R

I found some options to try regarding the situation I’m in. R. Hill

It was wonderful to have a place to get important information for me, and how to handle this situation, and hoping to make a good decision. There were a few areas I was undecided on – it helped me make a choice. It was very helpful to know what info is important to the courts, and to keep the children top priority. C. Hasker

Great class! A must for those going through the court system. L. Mosier

I enjoyed the class and I feel they look out for the children, and it made me see some things I was doing and made me realize what it was doing to my kids. It made me think abut what my kids were going through. I was really mad about what was going on. Now I know I’m not the only one going through it, my kids are too.

I think that the courts should have everyone that is going through a divorce, and have kids, attend your class. G. McFadden

I am glad that I was asked to take this class. It does bring new light on a lot of issues that concern children. And children should come first in every situation. S. Spurlock