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Notices and disclosures page

Privacy and other government-required notifications

Privacy notices are commonplace in this day and age, but you should be concerned about who has access to your information and how that information might be used. Texas requires virtually anyone who professionally comes in contact with your health information and who uses a computer to provide you notice regarding electronic disclosure of records. There are also multiple federal laws related to health information.

Our detailed Notice of Privacy Practices (NOPP) can be found here.

Business Relationships

Many professional publications and conferences have taken to requiring their authors and presenters to disclose ties with the pharmaceutical industry or other funding sources which may be seen as potential conflicts of interest. While those types of issues rarely impact our work, we still view transparency as an important value and want to provide as full a disclosure as possible. None of the following professional connections are believed to create any inherent conflicts of interest, although if you or your attorney believe there might be a specific issue in your case created by these associations we want you to have that information up front. Please make sure to review our CVs as well for details on our work history, memberships in professional associations, co-presenters, and co-authors.

For a listing of general disclosures of business relationships please go here.



If a client or attorney requests a court appearance, deposition, or participation in any type of settlement conference by Mr. Craig there will be a minimum charge and deposit of three hours ($750.00) per day. If the court or both attorneys request a court appearance, deposition, or participation in any type of settlement conference by Mr. Craig, these fees are split unless otherwise addressed in the order. Once the deposit is received Mr. Craig will block of the time to appear. Please note: if an appearance request and the deposit is received without a minimum of one week notice the nonrefundable deposit is due immediately and there will be an additional $250.00 express charge ($1000.00). Failure to provide the nonrefundable deposit at least 48 weekday business hours (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays) constitutes release from the requested appearance. Deposits are nonrefundable unless cancellation of the appearance request is received by the requesting individual or attorney not less than 10 business workdays in advance.