Helping families raise children between two homes

Support Professionals

We are mental health professionals trained to assist families through difficult transitions due to separation, divorce, or other family law matters. We are committed to helping families through these changes with as much dignity, respect, and self determination as possible. We work with other specialists such as attorneys, financial planners, and other counselors to help guide families through the process of change by assisting in reducing conflict, maximizing communication, and helping parents resolve a plan to raise their children between two homes. Our services include Communication Facilitation and Co-parenting Facilitation and are frequently part of the Collaborative Law process.

Bradley S. Craig, LMSW-IPR, CFLE
Brad is the author of Between Two Homes: A Coparenting Handbook. He has more than 20 years of experience in helping parents raise children between two homes. He is a licensed Social Worker, trained parenting coordinator, collaborative laws communication coach and child specialist, and a trained mediator. Brad conducts coparenting education training, professional training, and works with parents to develop parenting plans.